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2006 Forester XT Limited
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Okay, I've been looking for a few months now, sold my BMW 2002, and have a couple options. I'm looking at an '06 xt with all the goodies, 67k miles, really good shape, charcoal on black leather, asking 16500...
Or I could fly and pick up a cherry '08, white w tan leather interior, which is exactly the color scheme I want, 19k miles, and perfect, but asking 23k for it. That's about 100 bucks a month over budget, but I could squeeze myself I'm sure. White w tan has been the toughest color scheme for me to find, and absolutely ideally I would like an 05, white w tan cloth, w 50k miles, but that car doesn't exist I guess.
Question is on the two I'm looking at, are the miles and 2 less years worth forking out all that dough?
Btw, if you know someone with an 05 white w tan cloth xt, unmodded, under 70k miles, I'll take it.
One last ?, can I switch out the ugly altezza taillights on the 06 to 08 with the barcode taillights of the 04, 05? Thanks guys
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