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2013 2.5x auto
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I would put adding a sub in a forester into three categories or stages of volume and cost.
1. Under seat sub. Get a 8 awg wire kit ($30) a under seat self powered sub (120ish) and a $(15) line out converter
It will be 50-150 watts and add bass with 3 hours for install

2. The already offered, bass link option. It packs a punch and is the same type of seat up as the under seat, but louder.
($225) cost

3. Get a mono amp. 4 awg wire kit. Line out converter. Box for woofer. Woofer.
This will sound the cleanest and loudest. It will cost the most too. I have a single 12 in a ported box on 250 watts rms and it's plenty.
I would recommend if this sounds like you, spend the extra on a 4 or 5 channel amp. So you can get better door speakers in there now or later and have them powered

Sound Matt in the doors and the rear tail gate will help keep road noise down allot also. Raamatt is what I have

Alpine Rockford jl will sound great
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