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I am considering the following three all weather tires:

Continental contiextreme contact

Michelin Primacy MXV4

Goodyear comfortred

Any opinions?

Background: Live in New England and drive about 15,000 a year in all conditions. Normal speeds/ no high performance driving.

I love the extremecontacts. However they may be more aggressive than you really need. They are amazing in any kind of weather, and the dry grip is very good, they're what should come stock on any sort of powerful daily driver that will see some snow. The primacy is a decent tire, however very "minivan", nothing special about them and they're a bit on the pricey side (i guess they're quiet etc, but I feel theres better tires for the money). If you're looking at the comfortred, I'd also look at the tripletred, they're a great all weather tire, my friend had them on his outback and I really liked them for a non-performance tire.

I think the falken ze912 would be decent for a daily driver as well. Not great in snow though, but ok for a normal car. I was completely underwhelmed when I pushed them, especially considering they're a UHP all season, but I could see using them on a family car or something.
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