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Need a new steering rack; should i do something interesting?

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I have a tear in my rack and pinion boot, and apparently the best (only) option is to replace the steering rack. it is not an emergency, and I plan to do it in the next couple months (I don't drive a lot).

Sounds like some folks on this forum change their steering rack to something sportier. Is it simply a matter of choosing a different one, or more complex than that? My mechanic will do the work. Thanks for info.
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what year is your forester? the sti and even the wrx steering racks are huge improvements over the forester one... the sti one needs to be out of an 04 to bolt right up, if you find an 05+ youll need the crossmember as well. and im pretty sure any year wrx rack bolts up. since performance doesnt seem to be a huge concern, you can find a wrx one for much cheaper!
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