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2019 Forester Touring
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We bought our first Subaru in March 2019 - Forester Touring. I love how the Silica Black sparkles in the sunlight!

We took a road trip through South Dakota, North Dakota, Badlands, Wyoming, Devils Tower, Theodore Roosevelt NP and the Black Hills in late May.

On the way from Devils Tower to the Black Hills, we ran into a blizzard. They closed the roads (even the interstate I-90) before we could get to the lodge in the Black Hills. They even closed Mount Rushmore for two days. We took refuge for the night in a hotel in Spearfish, South Dakota. When we got up the next morning, there was 16 inches of heavy wet snow and all the roads were still closed. The State Police said they would have I-90 open again by 10 AM. All we had to do was drive out of the unplowed hotel lot, go uphill 1/2 mile on the unplowed city road back to the interstate and we'd be on our way again.

There were only two vehicles that made it out of the parking lot and up the hill that morning. A jacked-up 4X4 pickup with huge mountain tires, and us, with our pure stock Forester with stock city tires. The Subaru AWD and the X-Mode is everything it is advertised to be! The reputation was a big factor in our purchase decision and the Forester lived up to all of it.

Plus I averaged 34 MPG cruising through the great plains and a fraction over 30 once we hit the hills. Back home in the Chicago suburbs, I get around 31 MPG in typical city & highway driving. Yes, it ain't no sports car and it won't peel rubber. But I have no issues with the pickup, passing or our expressway dodge-ball traffic. I love the suspension. It has a comfortable ride, yet has virtually no body roll or lean when cornering. This is probably one of the nicest cars I have owned.









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