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'19 touring with Nav.

Very goofy issue. The small compass on the top right side of the Nav screen shows 180 degrees off for East/West. The dial indicator (red) shows correct for North/South, but is reversed when going East or West. So, if you are driving East, the red pointer is to the left (West) with the reverse true for West travel. To make this further goofy, if you scroll through the screen settings and change the map from showing always "up" for the way you are going, to the actual travel direction, the digital notations shown (instead of the compass bearings) are correct. I am wondering if this is just my issue, or a model wide defect. I suspect a programming error. Not worth a trip to the dealer, but will check when I go in for state inspection next month.

The issue also does not impact the digital direction display on the rear view either.
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