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2010 2.5X Limited 4-speed Auto
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Picked up a loaded 2010 2.5X Limited in August to replace an '03 Windstar with 175k on it. Gave it to oldest grandson for his birthday.

The only interior options missing are the nav system and XM Radio. The radio gets installed tomorrow! Even has the foot well lights and aftermarket wood trim.

It has all the possible exterior trim and light options except the rear spoiler. It came with a skid plate and an Aries bull bar. I like the bull bar for the looks. It makes mine stand out from the other three Foresters of exactly the same color in our little town. :icon_biggrin:

My wife and I are retired ministers and moved up here six years ago from the South to be close to our daughter and her family.

It's been interesting prowling the forum looking for things to do to our new baby. :bacon:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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