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car is a 2000 forester S 167000 miles on it. at 150000 i changed the head gaskets, clutch, throw out bearing, water pump, timing belt and all the pulleys.

I would say that the car has been making a noise for the last 1000 miles it was a hum noise. Sorta like a wheel bearing. It would go away if i pushed in the clutch or let off the gas so there wasn't any load on the drivetrain. i put it up on jack stands and put the car in gear. sounded like it was coming from the rear diff. Now the noise has progressed in to always there, and louder. Its kinda like a baseball card in a spoke. anyway i put the car up on jack stands and took a video clip.

this one the car is in gear. After 1:07 it is neutral
20130919_163837-1.mp4 Video by LanceA0 | Photobucket

car is in neutral till :37 then it is gear.
20130919_164250.mp4 Video by LanceA0 | Photobucket

car is in neutral the whole time the motor noise i think is just lifter.
20130919_164629.mp4 Video by LanceA0 | Photobucket

any help would be great. I don't know if it is rear diff anymore or something in the trans.
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