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Naked roof; possible to add side rails, or am I stuck with cross bars?

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2018 Forester, what are my options? I liked the look of the side rails, so I made a mistake when I purchased the vehicle, (however it is so far my only regret).
I desire to have that sexy cargo box look and if possible a canoe & my poles up there to boot...

What are my options? I want to love my car! Thanks in advance.
Keri Ann in N. Calif.
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G'day & Welcome Keri Ann.

I'm certain side rails can be added to your naked roof to which you would attach cross bars to carry the load.
Check out SSD Performance. They make a set of roof rails specifically for Subaru with a naked roof. They you can mount any type of crossbars to it you want.

Yakima makes a system for naked roof foresters. Their website has a configuration app to help select the right components.
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