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Mystery harness behind dummy switch - SOLVED!

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So 2nd from the right, I discovered a blank switch with a harness connection. I'm trying to figure out what option it may have been for.

It's not my foglights, it's not cruise control on/off. It's not a dimmer POT for the dash illumination. I suspect heated seats are the two blanks in the center console. Perhaps it could have been for heated mirrors? Some other XS/XT option not present in my 2004 Forester X?

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Ugh it looks from a pic I found of an XS, that it's a lame option I don't care about anyhow - wiper de-icer it looks like, based on position at least.

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There's a blank on my XS as well; can't remember what's behind it but I used the other spare for my driving lights switch.
@boulderGTI we have... had banks (used the empty slots for switches) on both our Foresters, There are unused connectors behind them, as Subaru used the same chassis wiring harness. This means you will have connectors for features your Forester didn't come with. :wink:

Take a look here, which shows what can be in those blank slots: Switch (instrumentpanel) — Illustration #1, Subaru FORESTER


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Some of the pins in those, such as switch illumination, always on, key-on, or ground, could be useful in controlling DIY accessories. Others go off into nowhere and can be safely chopped off and taped shut.

The two Illumination wires are usually colored Orange with a White Stripe, and Violet. They usually occupy a standard location in a plug. Both are necessary to light up the internal light in the switch. Note my use of 'usually'. YMMV! Test before committing.

Leave enough wire to connect to the new stuff when you chop off the unknowns.
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