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MY10 Forester XTP
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We just received our new MY10 XTP as a replacement for the families C Class Mercedes. Its a worthy car too the XTP, as just about every time I get in it something else simply makes sense....the design is very good

Being a fully equipped state of the art tuning workshop with all of the tools needed to get the best out of the Forester it was onto the dyno for some baseline power testing with 300km on the clock and a tankful of 98 Premium Unleaded. Note in the second picture how we have a special cooling fan for the top mount intercooler that simulates road style airflow for accurate tuning.

There were some interesting observations to be had from the dyno testing, particularly as we use a Mainline Chassis dyno (AWD1500) that is 'un-fudgeable' in other words figures cant be artificially 'jacked' to look good as happens so often. A good solid 15% power gain from the basement, and dramatically improved fuel mixtures are just a start!

More details shortly , but a quick test shows the 0-100km/h to be just under 6 seconds (6.95 flat on driftbox), so its quite a thing to drive now! :Banane36:


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