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I searched for this but didnt quite get an answer so sorry if this may be in another thread somewhere....
Anyways, Id like to lower my MY10 <2" but Im going to be doing some minor offroading and beaching this summer too. My dilema is can I have the best of both worlds by using the GC sleeves with a descent spring rate and just use the stock struts and lower the SH for summertime and then raise it back up for winter driving....
Id really like to get a set of dedicated snow tires and wheels and swap out seasonally to summer tires.

Has anyone done this to their forester? not just specifically the SH...Do you get your alignment done then twice a year?

I just want to get a rough idea to see if this is worth it and not just get a set of lowering springs and I def want the STI RSB mod also....
Istill want to go beaching without worrying about getting stuck

Ideas???comments??? Thanks!!!
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