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Hey guys, i've had my fozzy just over a year now and have spent quite a bit of time working on my goal of being able to outrun a stock STI.

Goal was set at 320bhp, currently still a work in progress but here are some pics.

I'm in Kimgston Jamaica and I'm pretty sure thus is a one of a kind build and it's gonna be real hard to find another quite like this.

2.5L built block with high compression forged internals
Sti cams
Sti intake manifold conversion
Equal length exhaust headers
FP Green turbo
Treadstone FMIC kit
Cobb 1000cc injectors
Grimspeed 3 port boost controller
K&N Typhoon intake
3" Megan Racing downpipe
Sti catback with perrin high flow mufflers
Wrx 4 pot brake upgrade
Legacy GT Spec B 18" rims
22mm Whiteline Sway Bars
Sti strut brace
Sti Pink Springs
Rally Armour Mud Flaps

This is what i can recall...
Additionaly, car is currently being tuned.

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Amazing looking Fonzy.........but for the love of Subaru gods, please do something about that silicone coupler.
That kit probably wont be designed for that car, id like to think its a "make do" until the op can get angled one. Its a brave move going front mount on a car with limited amount of aftermarket parts, unlike the Impreza.
I think that kit has already had extensive work done, theres a cut and shut on the right hand tube and probably a work in progress 👍🏽hats off.
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