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hey just joined up. i recently bought a forester x and i have a few questions hopefully use can help.

on the corner on the front bumper there is a few scratches that id guess has been scrapped from the previous owner. are there any ways i can remove these? light sand paper?

also due to the X model not having foglights as a standard are they able to be put in where those covers are?

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I see this is your first post, so welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Our '03 X came stock with fogs lights. I'm going to guess you're not in the States, so it's very possible that the '03 X where you're located was equipped differently. Yes, I believe you can add them, but it may be spendy. :frown:

As to scratches on the paint. If they're not thru to the primer, you may be able to polish them out. If the scratch is thru to the primer, it's going to require painting. Touchup paint will work, but will never be as good as repainting. Still, touchup paint will cost way less, if you can live with it. :smile:


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Hi and welcome from New Hampshire!

I also have an 03X and the X models here in the States did come with fogs as standard equipment.

I would check out junk yards for the fogs (get the fogs AND the dash switch) as they will be pretty pricey otherwise OR just buy some brand name (Hella, etc.) round fogs at an aftermarket store and wire them in yourself if you can handle that chore. Remember that OEM fogs are rarely all that good. I never use mine as I installed high output bulbs in my headlamps and the fogs are useless!

As for scratches on your bumper, it all depends. If your bumper is painted (our X models in the US were not painted), then you have to do some fine filling and sanding followed up by a repaint which, unless the entire bumper is done, will NEVER look the same.

Good luck!!

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