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every so often we get these subaru performance magazines in at the dealership. so the other day im sitting drinking my morning coffee waiting for some work to come in and i start reading about the new legacy/outback 6mt (which has carbon 1st, 2nd, and reverse gears.. :icon_idea:) so anyway, there i am reading and i come across a small, 1/4 page article on the 2010 9th annual 48hrs of tristate. there was a main picture of everyone outside of the hotel on sunday morning at lake george, ny. and of course i had to point myself out right away. next to that was a picture of the parking lot with some of the cars. and my car was parked in the verryyyyyy back ahah. so all in all i bragged to our parts guy about how my cheap little ***** wagon made it into a magazine before his 100k invested sti :woohoo:
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