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My first Sube - need new tires

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Just purchased our first Subaru - a 2016 Forester Limited (Ice Silver Metallic). Loving it so far but would like to upgrade the tires and possible stock wheels at some point. Tires need to come first though - now that we have snow.

I've seen other Foresters with some aggressive looking tires. Can anyone recommend a good all-season tire that has that aggressive look like a truck tire? Would love to get something like that installed.

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Welcome to the club...

Do a search on the forms and you will find a lot - and I mean A LOT - of posts about tires and sizes and aggressive tread and more and more and more.

Some will suggest different rim size with a larger tire, some will suggest other tires that are almost the same size as stock on your stock rims, and more.

There are BFGoodrich, there are Michelin, there are Yokohama geolanders, there are Cooper Discovery tires, and so many more. Many come in stock or near stock sizing, others do not. Member A will swear by Tire A and member B will tell you Tire a sucks and you need to use Tire B.

I would say do a search on all-weather or all-terrain tires in your stock size on Google and see what comes up. You will see lots of options - some brand name and some no name.

Find the price point you're comfortable with, find the treadwaer and mileage warranty you're happy with and the dealer/installer you like or have experience with and find the best match.

Personally? I'm leaning towards the Cooper or the Geolanders in a near stock size [a tiny bit wider] to keep my stock rims unless I find that most perfect rim and tire combo that won't cost an arm, leg and finger, plus three toes for installation....
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Great info - thanks FozzieBalou! I'm with you, I want a near stock size so I can use my current rims - but a tad wider as well :) Let me know what you end up with.
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