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Not a story about a Forester, but about the baby Forester Subaru made in the mid-80's, the Justy. Who remembers the Justy?

It was my very first brand new car, and also my first manual 5 speed. A very easy car to learn to drive a stick. 3 cylinder engine and 42 mpg.

This isn't a picture of my car, just one I pulled off the web to show what the car looked like:

I was going northbound, approaching an intersection at about 45 mph. Waiting at the light was a young lady driver in a Saturn, waiting in her left turn lane to make a left turn in front of me. Unfortunately, she waited until I got about 15 feet from the intersection when she decided to gun it to try and beat me through the light. I T-boned her vehicle in her passenger side door. The impact shoved her car sideways about 8 feet or more if I recall correctly.

This was pre-airbag. The Justy was totaled. The radiator and fan had been pushed into the engine block. The passenger compartment was UNTOUCHED.

I was having difficulty getting myself out of the car so I waited for the EMT's. On the way to the hospital both of the guys caring for me commented how lucky I was to be driving a Subaru. I asked them 'why?' One of them replied, "If you had been in anything BUT a Subaru, we'd be SCRAPING you out of this car." I sustained a chipped kneecap when my knee impacted the dash, as well as a few bumps & bruises & an ankle sprain.

My mechanic explained the Fuji Heavy Industries story, how Subaru's parent company works the engineering and design for their engine mounts of their heavy duty earth moving equipment into a road sized automobile.

When talking to people I compare Subaru's to Volvo's. Built solid, like little tanks.

The insurance company replaced my Justy with the exact same car & I happily drove that car into the ground. It became my Trusty Rusty Dusty Justy.

I hope to always drive a Subaru.

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My 1987 Legacy died in December 1993 when an idiot lost control of his car while speeding on a country road and slid sideways into my lane. The nose of my car stopped in the middle of his passenger compartment.

The car didn't look that bad, but the front of the engine was damaged and the insurance company totaled it.
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