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2022 Forest Touring
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Hi - This is not only my first Forester, but my first Subaru. I picked it up a week ago and I am thrilled with it!

It's Horizon Blue Pearl w/Saddle Brown interior. There is a lot I like about it and I've only discovered one thing I'm not in love with. I am not a fan of the Auto Stop/Start feature. I know I can turn it off, but I would love to be able to turn it off until I decide to turn it back on. As it is I have to turn it off each time I start the car. I guess it's a high quality problem.

I love everything else. I'm not a big driver, the 36 month lease I just turned in had just shy of 7,500 miles on it, so I tended to discount all of the references to it being sluggish, and the transmission being a weak spot. I understood that those reviews were written by car enthusiast who were likely looking for something I wasn't in a car. I'm glad I did. I've driven in all kinds of conditions on all kinds of roads and my Forester certainly meets my needs and expectations!

I'm still learning all of the buttons & functions (so far my favorite is AVH) but so far I love my new Forester.

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