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Hello all,

So the Carrier Bearing went out on my driveshaft. I have gone to a pul-a-part places locally and found that the 06-08 Forester MANUAL Transmission driveshafts are unique to this model!

I first tried to replace it with an auto 06 Outback Driveshaft, it did not fit.
Again with an 04 Forester Auto Driveshaft, that did not fit.

I called the dealer and asked if they had any info for me. Turns out that the part number for the driveshaft used in Manual Foresters from 2006 2007 and 2008 are unique to this model.

There isnt any interchangability with the impreza either. The older Foresters were able to do this, so that may be why I thought I would be able to change with other models. It is specific to this model Forester with the Manual. I dont know about Automatic Interchangability, but hey.

I thought I would post my experience and see what others were able to find out as well.
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