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Mud Flaps - for appearance and paint protection

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I have a 15fxt prem with the OEM mud guards- I would like to get Mud Flaps- Can the be installed with the guards, or would I take them off. I think that I would need a missing piece that did not come with my car, where the existing mud guards go.
I would want them mostly for extra paint protection- i have a gravel driveway and there are some gravel roads where I live and because visually they look good.

(sorry if this is the wrong spot for this).
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Welcome to the forums Kerry,

Please note the forums have a great search engine... :wink2:

To contribute... I am using the RokBlokz mudflaps and like them a lot. They do not flex as much as the Rally Armor, which I've run on previous Subarus, but they are a lot cheaper.

There are quite a few people who run mud flaps on top of the OEM...

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I saw a Subaru the other day with mud flaps installed over (under?) the OEM splash guards. It looked odd in this situation since the aftermarket flap was red compared to the black guard. Most likely if it was black on black, I wouldn't have even noticed.
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