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For the first time ever the FSTI failed it's MOT.

To be honest I was fingers crossed for the brakes as they were felling al little off and making a bit of noise but I hoped that they might squeak through, but they didn't.

So it needed discs (and pads) all round.

Plus a front ARB link had failed.

So bought the parts, ~£400 for a full set of OEM Brembo discs and pads, plus £12 for the ARB link later I have a pile of parts, and ready to go.

ARB link too 2 hours and about 4 dremel cutting disc, man those things are inaccessible. One not was seized solid (and so begins a theme).

Start on the front disc, first side,piece of cake, 45mins and done.
Second size, first bolt no problem, second bolt, a bit stiff, then click...…...that would be the bolt shearing off in the caliper. Due to track use fronts have been changed twice already so I expected them to come off as I put lots of copper slip on each time and never had an issue until now.

So off the caliper comes and onwards to the machine shop at work. Job half done then machinist goes off sick :-( So in the end I robbed a caliper of the spec c to get the car mobile. At this point iti is thursday eve, and we're due to go on holiday on friday evening......

Took the car to the local garage Friday morning who did a fantastic job of sorting the rears within the day. All 4 bolts sheared off and had to be machined out and new threads put in.

Elite Autocare in Sandiacre, top set of guys if you're ever near Nottingham and need a mechanic..

So we picked the carupat 5pm, and we'reloaded upand off on holiday by 6:30pm :)

Phew :)

A few weeks later now and everything back to normal, the final front caliper repaired and both cars running again, rather than just one.

So I guess when they assemble in the factory they don't put any antisieze in there on the brake caliper mounting bolts. the consequences of which were after 14 years and 96k miles they don't come out without a milling machine

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Wow, shame you had to go through that, I had mine done last week as we go away this and next week. Luckliy no advisories and the guy said it was mint, but only thing to check he suggested was something I knew about, that creaking brembo issue which is probably the shims or something. Anyway thanks for the heads up on this, diff/gear oil and brakes are the next my list of up-coming things to do (hopefully sort the creaking issue too). Hopefully mine won't be this bad, only been in the UK one year and only seen about 5k miles in that time if that.... 😧
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