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(Mostlly) New to Subaru , New to this Forum

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Hi, all.

My brother just sold me a 2003 Forester X for $300! It has 192k miles, but runs well and drives well. Of course, it does have a few issues - that's why I'm here.

Over the past few decades, I've had: a 1967 Austin Morris; a 1969 MG Midget; a Mazda 626 (piece of #@*!); a 1965 Mercedes 220SB; a 1984 Ford Ranger; a Pontiac 6000; a 1990 Range Rover County; A 2002 Toyota Sequoia; currently in a 2004 Volvo XC90; and, now this. In other words a little of everything. Of course after three Brit cars, this should be a piece of cake.

Current issues include:

Rear Hatch - wouldn't open when I got it last night. I had the same problem repeatedly with my Sequoia. I pulled the panel off and tried to open it manually, but it wouldn't budge. After locking and unlocking several times, if finally opened. I took the handle off (I'll have to soak it in rust buster) and tried to open it with the cable. It worked, but after locking and unlocking, again woiuldn't.

- Exhaust Clamp - at the rear of the catalytic converter, the flange is rusted off. It is currently being held on by steel wire. This should be fairly cheap and easy with a flange repair kit.

- Airbag Light - I'll check the yellow connectors under the seats in the morning, thanks to the advice from these pages.

And that's about it - for now. At least until I have it inspected (Maryland inspections are usually tough).

I look forward to interacting with many of you, and thank you in advance for the help I'm sure I'll need.

Chip Stewart
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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

The Google custom forum search is pretty good. :wink:

You can ask your technical questions here: Technical Forums and Vehicle Assistance

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