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2002 WRX
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I've owned my '04 FXT for a little over a year now. My previous car was an '02 WRX (RIP). I've installed Swift springs and GR-2 struts, and I think with some higher performance tires, I'll be set in the road handling department.

Problem is though, I didn't get an AWD car just to drive it on the road.

I used to take the WRX on little off-road adventures, at considerable speed, with little regard for its well-being. It was always so willing, and I never once got the slightest indication that it was anything but completely bomb-proof.

The FXT is a different story. Over rough roads, it rattles and shakes and groans. Pushed to the limits of traction, sometimes the MPT clutches (4eat was a mistake) kick in so hard the rear end jerks out into surprise oversteer while the rear suspension makes all sorts of shuddering noises. Take it up a steep, rutted, dirt road at anything faster than a crawl and you get even more noise. It feels like the suspension is going to just come apart.

So, my question is, what can be done to resolve this? I'm planning to replace sway bar bushings to cut down on those clunks and creaks, and planning to get rear subframe lock bolts to keep things back there in check. But are there any other modifications that need to be done to bring the Forester suspension up to par with the crazy ruggedness of the WRX? Key bushings to replace? Braces to add? Just trade the car and give up on the wagon practicality?
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