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2004 Forester xt Manual
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I have a 2.5 XT with the following mods and would definately recommend going this route if you wanted to save a few £k over an sti and be more stealthy.....

VF43 turbo
Sti intercooler
Decat downpipe/up-pipe and cat back stainless exhaust
rcm fuel pump
remapped to 1.2 bar (safe)
Impreza sti suspension

It is running around 330bhp/350lbft

Total cost of mods/fitting/remap was around £1500 as turbo/intercooler/exhaust were sourced 2nd hand as and when they popped up for sale.

I love it! and like the stealth factor. Nobody tries to race you which I used to hate when I had my mitsi evo.

If you drive on the motorway quite a bit though, an STi fozzie makes more sense as the 6 speed box will make it easier to live with.

Wagonwheels has his XT for sale at the moment which looks like an absolute bargain and could be right up your street:rock:
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