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Hi guys this is my first attempt at a DIY so don't be to hard on me I tried!
BTW Mode Racing short shifters are the same design as the discontinued Cobb lineup. I would highly recommend them as there products are top notch. I am going to try and talk to Billy and see if he can offer a group buy!

MODE RACING WOOT! Quality Engineering

Whats in the box:
Instructions(by far the most detailed I have ever seen)
Double adjustable Short Shifter
3mm Allen Key

Tools Needed:
Flat Screwdriver
2 12MM Wrenches (either boxed end or small ratchet)
10mm Socket and Wrench
Socket Wrench(1/2 is fine 3/8 is recommended though via instructions)
C-Clip pliers
Hack saw, cutting torch(which I used) or a Dremel!

Here we go!


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I wish my '08 FSXT were like this. It seems I have an oddball. As it turns out, my '08 has the shifter of what appears to be that of an '04-'05 style.
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