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After almost snagging a mildly modded 04 Black FXT in the LA area and then toying around with the idea of a 05 Silver FXT with more miles and a salvage title due to hail, I am now the proud new (almost) owner of a 04 White FXT stock manual with ~50k miles on the clock. I'll be picked up the car out of state in just a few weeks once I have a weekend free. Thanks all for the info and advance these past several weeks.

On the list of mods to be happening by summer are; wheels, suspension work (lower, but still a hauler), tint, all weather mats and cargo mat, and some minor power mods. I'm sure I'll have loads of questions soon. Most curious to start learning about how I can give the Forester a tasteful, yet noticeable drop while still being able to haul 4 dudes, bikes and camping gear for a weekend bike trip.

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