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My wife got into a minor accident last week. It scraped the bumper cover up and put a small dent in it on left front corner. It also ever so slightly pushed the headlight in, as I can see a little more gap on the top between the hood and the top of the headlight and I can obviously see the misalignment by looking at the headlight beam. I've got a new front bumper on order, and even though I haven't checked I ordered a new styrofoam "bumper absorber". What should I be looking for as far as damage when I remove the bumper? For the headlight I was thinking a few washers on the bottom would fix the small gap on the top. I'm more concerned about how the door sticks a little around the window and the rubber pillar over the side view mirror. The window now just ever so slightly catches the rubber and doesn't close smoothly but it does shut correctly and it looks lined up. The wheel alignment feels fine but I'm going to have that checked anyway. Is there even much of a corrective action I could take? Anything I can loosen up and give a few wacks before tightening back down?
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