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Im a traitor!

We did a thing. Wife needed a new car, so...

2017 Outback Limited 2.5i.

No plans for it, and no, its not replacing the forester. Just a replacement for the wifes old legacy. As you can see, mine is still there kicking at 205k miles. We just needed a new workhorse of a car that has space. Being a homeowner and relatively (keyword "relatively") handy with home repair and projects , im not particularly a fan of always loading up my SF5 with items, or the limited space of my smaller Legacy. While the Forester is still a wagon, its rather devoid of its original utility purpose, and since i frequent the Home Depot, we needed something that could keep up.
Looks beautiful! There is so much room in ever area of the interior!

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Welp, i figured its time to up the power. Between my career, my home, my family and my tuning business, ive been quite a busy guy, but this week the following gets installed:

-ID1000 injectors
-Aeromotive FPR
-IAG fuel rails / 6an lines
-Custom reverse-feed alignment.

Purchased and coming soon

-FP (ball bearing) 78HTA beta turbo (65#/min flow)
-3-inch Turbo inlet

On pump, this turbo puyshes 420-450 whp, and on alky...well.... we will see. With a good clutch, it should not have an issue pushing 550-600 wheel absolutely maxed out.

As for now, may the lord have mercy on my very organic HD exedy clutch kit.

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Thanks! Yeah, starting to kick it up with this thing.

More goodies!

New injectors:


New turbo:


Southbend clutch and Flywheel!


Obviously not all happening at once here, but the parts are in place. Been having a great time tuning the new injectors that drive like a breeze!
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