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The michelin xice xi3 tires are great. You dont get a super mushy tire and it handles like a regular standard touring tire (not UHP or anything of course)

They have great ice traction. The deep snow traction is good but not anything amazing.
However with our AWD you dont really need the best in deep snow traction.

There are better tires for extreme snow and ice but for a excellent tire that is easy to live with in all conditions, returns great MPG and low noise.. with good ride comfort.. they are winners.

The worst condition for our cars is stopping on ice and packed snow and these tires are great on ice and packed snow.

They arent a tire for getting through 2ft of snow daily.. They would work but not the best tire for that.. need something with bigger tread voids.

The whole slushplaning thing is largly a function of tread void size(and tread pattern). So yes these wont have the most resistance to slush planing esp when half worn. However its pretty easy to slow down for that condition and these tires have a very progressive breakaway feeling. its not like an all season where you get loose and swap ends or do a 360. Even when slipping they still maintain a good amount of lateral traction.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts