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2007 XT - 5MT ELH, EWG, E85, Kinugawa TD06SL 20G 8cm
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More Pictures On the Way. Probably the cleanest less molested Forester XT 5-speed you will find.

Best of both worlds Forester Sports looks (bumper/grill) with XT Limited niceties (full leather interiors, power seats, heated windshield wiper de-icer/side mirrors)

All work performed by me using factory manual and OEM hardware.

The engine is out as I had IAG bored the block for 99.75mm forged pistons. Not installed in box forged pistons & bearings.
I will sell the car with engine out, a perfect opportunity for a 6-speed swap.
Ultra Gray Metallic (UGM) with 84K original miles.
I have all the stock parts, the car is in museum condition, always garaged since 2007 and never exposed to MI winters.
The car has never been repainted, no accidents, clean title. I bought the car in 2007, last driven in 2014 hence the 2015 registration on the plate.


Kinawaga 20G w/matching Kinawaga up-pipe & equal length headers ceramic coated
Tial Wastegate with $400 Tig welded dump tube and mini muffler (work of art)
Perfect very low mileage 2007 STi headers that can replace the Kinuwaga headers (your choice).
Turbo blanket (brand new)
Wastegate upgraded tensioner (you can adjust tension)
1000cc DWs
Walbro pump
2008 STi intercooler with stainless steel guard to protect fins
Forester specific 3" Millitek TBE sourced from Uk
STI group N engine and transmission mounts
COBB Accessport V3
APS CAI (air fed thru the front lower functional vent)


Forester specific Whiteline swaybars
Legacy GT rear caliper rotor/bracket
Kartboy undercarriage bolts
Forester specific Swift springs (slight drop for performance while keeping utility Forester clearance)


Kartboy Forester short shifter
500 grams SS shifter knob (feels amazing to shift with this heavy knob)


OEM STi badges
OEM Forester STi hood-scoop painted with OEM matching paint
Original Forester STi bumper decals (sourced at dealership in Japan came with a template to respect factory location)
Original Forester STi engine cover (sourced at dealership in Japan)
Forester Sports front bumper and grill
Forester Sports mudguard (all the Forester XT to Sports conversions I've seen lack the mudguards)
Forester Sports STi front under spoiler (not shown)
No hood chips thanks to a former 3M clearbra on hood and headlights (just removed since it was 13 years old and it was yellowing).
Forester specific THULE roof rack

Comes will all the stock parts including:
Perfect TD04 turbo and original tiny TMIC.
Complete stock exhaust system.

BBS shown not included in the price, it comes with stock Forester wheels with absolutely no curb rash.

Considering offers above $18,500 because the engine is out. Check Bring A Trailer for latest Forester XTs sold (range is $20,000 to $30,000) and my car has been in a bubble sort of speak.

The plan is to place it on Bring A Trailer but I wanted to offer it here first. I will also be contacting Subaru Corporate as they may be interested for their classic cars showroom due to the pristine condition.

Additional panoramic roof assembly to build a carbon-fiber plug to lower roll center.

Pictures were taken 6/5/2020.



2006 Subaru Forester XT 5MT
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Is that a scratch on the driver's fender? I hope you throw this on BAT, would love to see what it sells for

05 FXT's 05 IPT 4eat/ 05 w/ 08 sport conversion JDM STI Forester swapped
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Is that a scratch on the driver's fender? I hope you throw this on BAT, would love to see what it sells for
I would Love to know, myself!

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2019 3.6R & 98 Forester Atlanta, GA
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How hard would it be to get it running nicely again? It is obviously worth more in that condition.

05 FXT's 05 IPT 4eat/ 05 w/ 08 sport conversion JDM STI Forester swapped
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I'm hoping for $20,000 since the engine is out.
I checked BAT.. 3 FXT's, since 17.. one of them was sold twice..
It had 40k, manual, and World Rally Blue!
Plus, Loads of upgrades, 2 sets of rims (not stock rims), etc.. 26-30k$..

The other, mileage is around yours, with a full STI swap, tuned, and running.. 20k$..

So you want 20k$ for a rolling shell and a motor that's in pieces?

What did SOA say? Is this posting for real?

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