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Hi all - with the warmer weather I have been noticing a metallic almost rattle sound coming from the car within the 15-20mph range, mostly when coasting to a stop. It only happens within that range and is consistent within that range, a bit less often when accelerating but almost constantly when coasting to slow down.

The sound is like a constant metalic grinding/rattle.

Anyone ever hear about this sort of problem?

I just took it in to get checked at the dealer (it's still under powertrain warranty) and they are keeping it overnight - the tech did a drive with me and of course the nearby highway combined with greater traffic and wet roads meant hearing it was difficult. So they are going to try to hear it again in the morning.

Just thought I'd check in here as well to see if this is a more prevalent issue etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!

A bit more info - it's a 2015 CVT Forester and has about 42k miles.
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