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Melted under engine splash guard

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Hey all, new to the forums. Here is my introduction post.

Another member suggest I post up the weird issue I had with the forester recently.

My under engine splash guard melted the other day. The Forester came with an aftermarket set of headers that were ALREADY wrapped. The wrapping job and material look quality so this is what confuses me. It occurred after I restarted the ECU by pulling the terminal. My forester did that weird thing where it had to learn how to idle, but it happened while I was driving in an unfamiliar place. I kept the engine alive by switching into neutral and fluttering on the gas pedal so it wouldn't die. I kept an eye on the temperatures and it stayed in the normal operating zone. Finally I ended up parking at a Walmart and googling stuff.

Eventually I came back out to the Forester and started her right back up with no issues. Idle was good, so I decided I'll head home. As I pulled out of my spot I heard a plastic noise scraping underneath and so I jumped out and checked it out. That's when I discovered the under engine splash guard had melted. No clue why it would overheat in that spot like that.

So, my questions are, Can I get away driving with a big *** hole like that in the splash guard? Should I replace it? and if so where can I get one specifically for the 2006-2008 forester.

And yes, I have tried googling where I can source one. it seems like most websites only have the under engine splash guard for the 09-14 foresters. Are they compatible on the 06-08 foresters?

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I took the splash guard off at 50K miles. Has 185KMiles on right now
That's what I figured I do. My concerns were if it were going to affect gas mileage or if it'll lead to the under carriage corroding and what not
poor oil filter.. At least it stays warm in the winter.
I have a 2001 Forester S with 212,000 miles. I just recently took that plastic belly pan off as well. The only negative aspect I have found so far is with heavy rain and the roads around here flooding, the water level rises to about 6 inches and splashing causes the drive belts to slip so I hear a bit of squealing for several seconds. I am contemplating down the road to purchase Primitive's under belly pan to keep the bottom clean from the road debris and prevent water from getting onto the drive belts.
That's what I figured I do. My concerns were if it were going to affect gas mileage or if it'll lead to the under carriage corroding and what not
Didn't notice either
From what I posted on your "New Member Introductions" thread:
Aftermarket headers usually require wrapping, as they don't have a heat shield installed like the stock headers. If the header isn't stainless steel, I wouldn't recommend wrapping, as that will trap moisture on the pipe, causing it to rust & fail.
If it's the plastic engine undercover that's melting, you could remove the diaper & run that way. No diapers on either of our Foresters.
@Fanj that looks like good quality exhaust wrap, but the looseness of the wrap makes me think it was added "after" the plastic engine undercover melted. It's very difficult to wrap headers after they've been installed! :icon_eek:

If you want to reinstall a replacement diaper, they're on the large size, so your lowest cost option might be buying locally from a recycler or wrecking yard. :confused:


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