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I'm looking at bringing a like-new 2005 out of state Subaru into MD to be by new car. I've just looked around online to see the state safety inspection checklist and am feeling very uneasy because I'm finding horror stories where even like-new pristine cars are facing inspectors who are saying the cars need $1000+ of work to pass... sure you could just go to another inspector, but I certainly don't have $80-100 at a time to throw away playing inspector roulette! :crazy:

Having the same people that are in business to do mechanical work be the people who give the "safety inspection" just seems too corrupt! :crazy: I'm going to take the safety checklist with me when I go to see the car, and have it looked over on that basis to make sure it's ready to pass and in great shape.

So, can anyone recommend maybe an inspector that just inspects and has no reason to say there's lots of needless work that needs doing because the shop also does mechanical work or sells/aligns tires? Or, if not, an honest and fair state inspector that'll give my hopefully first Subaru to-be an honest and fair inspection?

I'd prefer one close to DC, Rockville, Gburg, Gtown or any of those... Frederick area, or else near Baltimore or even the Eastern Shore. Basically anywhere in a 50-or-so mile radius of Silver Spring. I'd be happy to see the sights in my new ride-to-be if it means a reasonable inspection process. Thanks.
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