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2007 Sports 2.5XT 5MT
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Vehicle: 2007 Subaru Forester 2.5 XT Sports
Color: Obsidian Black Pearl
Transmission: 5MT
Mileage: 90,xxx
VIN: JF1SG69697G742628
Location: 20905
Price: $14,000

It’s finally time to part ways with my beloved FOZ – It was the perfect car for me when I bought it a decade ago (2012, 43k mi, single-owner, family car trade-in, complete w/ nursery rhymes CD) and it’s been an amazingly fun car to drive and work on, but now with two young kids, it rarely gets driven and it just doesn’t get the attention and fun it deserves.

In terms of what’s been done to it in the years that I’ve owned it, It’s a pretty long list. My aim was a stock+ FSTi that was a functional, comfortable, and enjoyable daily driver (including from my wife’s POV, who is not a car person.) It’s had all standard maintenance completed at specified mileages w/ oem parts and oil changed every 3k with German Castol or Rotella w/ oem filter. I’ve used the many amazing tutorials and resources on this forum to make mild modification to pretty much every part of this car (thanks for being an awesome forum! 😊) . It’s had a relatively easy driving history with most of the miles on highways, and while I’ve certainly pushed it on occasion and had fun, I’ve overall been pretty easy on it – never tracked, no accidents.

For exterior and interior quality, it’s been garaged and the bulk of its miles were in the San Francisco Bay area – never driven in snow or salt, and limited time in rain, so no underbody rust. Cosmetically, it’s in pretty awesome shape – I’ve been pretty meticulous about exterior/interior care and gave it a light paint correction annually and sealant a few times a year. The pictures below were taken last week – no editing, just an 90mm lens with a polarizer filter. That said, it’s a black car with 90k miles, so it has a handful of small imperfections; I have an album of everything for those interested.

  • stage 2 custom tune by eqtuning w/ cobb AP @ 60k miles
  • STi intercooler w/ Grimmspeed splitter (SG w/ STi oem top mount fitment)
  • STi front engine cover
  • Koyo radiator
  • ‘07 STi exhaust
  • STi exhaust manifolds w/ heat shields - light port and polish
  • Maddad catted downpipe - wrapped
  • Grimmspeed lightweight crank pulley
  • new oem motor mounts
  • Group N pitch mount
  • APEXi panel filter
  • walbro fuel pump
  • manual boost controller
  • Fumoto oil valve
  • Subtle hood struts
  • exhaust recirc valves removed and blocked

  • LGT front and rear calipers & rotors w/ Centric pads
  • STi brake booster and master cylinder
  • steel braided brake lines
  • Cobb adjustable short shifter
  • Cobb shifter bushings
  • group N transmission mount
  • single-loop power steering cooler
  • ‘04 STi steering rack
  • New clutch @ 60k - Southbend stage 2
  • Rota 8.5 x 18 w/ Continental DW 245/45/18 (plus one extra wheel with some rash & original OEM wheels)
  • McGard black spline lug nuts

  • '04 STi struts/springs - Feal revalved for SG Forester w/ grease fittings
  • ‘06 STi rear sway bar
  • STi front lower inner control arm mount w/ Whiteline caster bushings
  • Whiteline steering rack bushings
  • Whiteline roll center adjust kit
  • Subtle prototype fender braces (pink)
  • Whiteline rear sway bar link support bracket
  • Whiteline quick release rear tower brace (missing quick release bolts)
  • Gorilla strut lift spacers (½” front, 1” rear)
  • Whiteline caster top hats
  • Group N rear top hats
  • Whiteline rear end links

  • LGT steering wheel - aftermarket controller, swapped green LEDs
  • additional soundproofing throughout - raamat, ensolite closed cell foam. Followed Sea Scooby guide on
  • 8" sub w/ Sound Ordnance amp, built into rear quarter stock speaker location and underfloor storage area with Sea Scooby kit
  • upgraded front door speakers
  • JDM dash hood, Kenwood stereo (w/ bluetooth)
  • STi 5MT shift knob / custom shift boot & ebrake boot
  • STi shifter trim, painted black w/ red lettering
  • STi floor mats
  • Oem all weather trunk liner
  • JDM red hazard button

  • ‘08 FXT STi front lip
  • ‘07 rear hatch spoiler - painted OBP
  • ‘08 FXT tail lights
  • Hella fog lights - oem interior button controlled
  • STi hood scoop
  • 3M Tint 35% front / 20% rear and sunroof
  • blacked out headlights
  • Hella supertones
  • Gorilla mud flaps

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2005 Subaru Forester XT 5MT
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Wow, what a terrific build! Very interested in speaking with you - fairly new to the forum and unsure how to PM or start conversation but would love to discuss.

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2005 Forestet XT Auto
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Beautiful car. I have an '07 WRB FXT with a similar build, lower mileage even. I love it and just look at it mostly never driving it as much as I want to.

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I tried to send you a private direct message but the thread is not letting me. Call or text me when you are available.

I tried to send you a private direct message but the thread is not letting me. Call or text me when you are available.

Very interested. Please contact me at (Phone number sent to OP then removed)
I tried to send you a private direct message but the thread is not letting me. Call or text me when you are available.

Has the timing belt been replaced?

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Haha I see 😂 That’s a smart move. Well
I’ve posted 5 reply’s and it’s still not working. I promise I’m Not a scammer. I just want to get in contact with the owner of this forester for sale 🙏

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2007 Sports 2.5XT 5MT
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Hey all - thanks for the interest in the car (and the assist from Kevin)! I've sent messages to the folks who have posted here and will follow up soon.

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2017 Forester 2.5i 6-speed
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GoodNESS that is a tidy example.

Best of luck to the seller, wish I could hoard this thing in my collection of cars. This thing is gorgeous.

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2007 Forester Sports XT / 5MT / UGM.
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Beautiful Forester! Mine is a very similar build, in Urban Grey Metallic. Same mileage. I think your asking price is extremely fair, and honestly under valued. Someone is going to be a happy camper picking this gem up! GLWS 🍻
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