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2003 Forester SG9 XT 5MT
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Slowly building up my XT as my limited budget allows.

I want to keep it as a comfortable daily, reliable for remote trips, capable off-road and fast on gravel. So need to balance height with stabillity

Mods so far:
Raised heavy-duty king springs with new KYB struts
A/T oversized tyres
STI catback
whiteline 22mm RSB with heavy duty mounts and perrin endlinks
new turbo inlet hose and intercooler hoses (originals were cracked and leaking)
subaxtreme bash plate
rallyarmor mudflaps
modified mesh grill and bonnet scoop
intake resonator delete
rear spoiler

No service history, so have gradually worked my way through a full service over a year.

Wish list, the order depends on finding cheap stuff, time to install, and when stock things break.

Fix front door weather sealing! The wind noise is painful :(
Strut bracing for stability and strength
Fire extinguisher

Intercooler and radiator upgrade (it is hot in summer here and I spend time in the desert)
Up-pipe (maybe 2nd hand from an STI) catless for safety, reliability, throttle response.
ABS and fan switches
Diff breathers
New seats
Light bar w lights

Bullbar + winch
3" downpipe
Dual-range conversion
Front LSD
Method racing wheels

Anything else for off-road traction, torque and throttle response.

2003 Forester SG9 XT 5MT
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It was stock when I bought it, except for a large carbon fiber bonnet scoop which I really don't know why the previous owner put on. This is her at the dealers December 2017

2003 Forester SG9 XT 5MT
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Got some armor yesterday. Thanks to my tax return, finally could afford to order a sump gurad / bash plate form subaxtreme. Fitment was perfect, clears exhaust headers by a cm or so & fits nicely around subframe. Installation took 15min. But I took all day because I had a few nasty scratches on my sump, jacking plate and lower front bar? So took the time to clean these parts up nicely, hit them with some of that sticky, toxic underbody paint and let it dry before installing the guard.



Thick and heavy enough to protect all Martha's muddy, scratched up soft bits. The mud, dust and dirt here is the same colour as rust, so sometimes super hard to tell the difference.


To this


Also took the time out while paint was drying to fit some aloy mesh into the bonnet scoop and front grill for more protection and a meaner look.

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