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Make my Forester a TOAD - suggestions or real world experience?

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Hello all,

I'm looking for real world experience from other owners who might be flat towing their Subbie. I have a 2010 Forester non turbo with the 4EAT Trans that would be the perfect adventure / off-road vehicle.

A trailer or tow dolly is impractical for us since we will be full time travelers, mostly boondocking, and I don't want an additional axle or two with 2 to 4 more tires to keep up. Plus parking the damn thing.

As a side note, I have spoken directly with REMCO Towing Equipment, and sadly they have nothing for my car. However, after explaining that I have been an auto and truck service guy for over 30 yrs, the customer service guy said the most generic set up they sell was for a Dodge Grand Caravan and its a pretty straight forward set up. Price is slightly over $2K though.

Any suggestions or real world experience posted here would be greatly appreciated.

TIA, Eddie
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Have you read your Owners manual? (Pages 9-12 to 9-16)

The main sticking point for distance towing is the 4EAT

REMCO do a setup for the 5MT version
Store : Remco
IOW, I gather it cannot be done without damage to the trans.
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