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My 2004 XT has only 12k miles, but based on 2 years I am due for 2 year / 30thousand mile tune up.

I rather not do thid tune up this early so my question is does doing mainenance based on miles and not on age of car impact whether dealers/insurance can reject warranty work?

I bought the exteded warranty also.


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There are a few issues to be taken into account. First is what your dealer says. Alot of people believe the dealer will tell you just to come in and have the service. Not True. Some have reasonable service managers who take into account several things before making a decision. Things like where do you do most of your driving? Is it on the Extreme for cold, heat, dust, salted roads, back roads, no roads?

If they persist in having the service performed, you can have the work done at a private shop, or do it yourself. The biggest issue for warranty claims is documentation. If you do it yourself, save reciepts and take digital pics with time/date stamps on them to prove you inspected and serviced the vehicle.

For me, mileage is the qualifier. But I ALWAYS reach the mileage before the date. Give your dealer a call and see what they say.
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