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So I have read some threads on the underdash lighting kit and decided to make my own. Went shopping in a relative's personal shop. Came up with some sweet super wide and super bright LED's (blue). Had to use a 470 ohm resistor to knock the brightness down a bit. Found a nifty blue rubber housing for the resistor and LED. Used heat shrink tubing to insulate the two leads. I like the idea of being able to install it anywhere at any angle with just a tywrap. Took some quick crappy CrackBerry pics. Just hung it under the passenger side randomly. Really like the effect.

Will take more pics when I get the rest of the stereo stuff in. I cannibalized a second stereo adapter harness to add the illumination, dimmer, antenna, steering +/- and ground wires (see pic). Going to use the illumination wire to feed the LED's. That way, they only come on when the headlight switch is activated.


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