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2007 Forester XT Limited, 1993 JDM WRX
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Hello everyone!

Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. In this thread I'll be documenting everything I do to my car. This specific XT used to belong to Canonshooter, and dropped off the face of the earth during the ownership of the following two owners from 2018-2022. The link to Canonshooter's original build thread is here. Before I continue this, he set up a phenomenal car. I have a JDM WRX, and, in the current states of both cars, the Forester beats the WRX in just about every measurable facet except for maybe cool factor. More power, better handling, less attractive to cops, more comfortable, MUCH better sound system, and overall a much more tolerable daily. The rex is going to have to play catch up to this thing!

First, here are some photos of the car in its current state:
Wheel Tire Car Automotive tail & brake light Land vehicle
Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive parking light

My ownership of the car began on January 16th of 2022. I really don't plan on doing all that much to it as it is honestly the perfect daily driver as it sits. The only thing I may do is reinstall the meth injection kit which was removed at some point in the last few years. Anyways, time to brutalize you with information regarding what all has been done to the car since its last appearance on the forum.

The most recent dynograph I have for this car is from June of 2020. It was tuned by BrenTuning out of Massachusetts and made 275 awhp and 338 lb/ft of awtq at 22 psi of peak boost.
Rectangle Schematic Font Parallel Pattern

In January of 2021, the engine was fully torn apart and regasketed by Kinetic Motorworks in New Hampshire.The heads were worked over as well, with a simple valve job and adjustment. At this time Weisco pistons and King main bearings were installed. The mileage of the vehicle at the time was 200140 miles.

In May of 2021, it had a refrigerant recharge for the AC. Not a particularly important thing, but I feel it is important to note. This was done by Kinetic.

Lastly, in October of 2021, the driver's side ball joint was replaced. This was also done by Kinetic.

And that's about all of the information that I have on this vehicle! I'll be attempting to hold myself to the same standard of specificity (if that's even a word) that canonshooter did on his prior forum posts.

Anyways, thanks for reading!
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