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MT Hard to Shift to 1st or reverse w/ eng is running?!

I have an 2007 subaru forester with a manual transmission and 122,000 miles. It recently has been having an issue where it is difficult to shift into first or reverse when the engine is running. Sometimes I cannot get it into gear and I have to turn the car off then I can easily put it into gear and start it back up. Usually once up and running I can shift into 2-5 fine but someimes there is a bit of resistance getting into 2nd at lower speeds.

I heard second hand from a guy who works on subarus that this could be a bearing issue in either the clutch or transmission? I have searched online and have not found anything. I like doing DIY car work and I have a work vehicle so I have time to work on this but I was hoping some forum members can give me tips on diagnosing and fixing this issue. Thanks!
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