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here are my stats:
-owned a '94 Legacy Outback (for 5 years) sold at 180k
-owned an '85 Westfalia w/2.2 Subaru engine, loved it but sold it before i lost money on it :)
-currently I own (for 6 years) a '97 Outback Limited at 170k in fair condition looking to sell it

Foresters have caught my eye this time around...because of higher cargo space and a wee taller clearance.

I will be test driving a '98 Forester L that has 41,000 miles tomorrow. i have seen the car but not driven and it is literally brand new looking. It's amazing to see that old of a car in such good condition...not even parking lot digs on the door. Older lady bought the car new, regualrly serviced, and returned all at the same dealer so they have all documentation of services. Of course they have a $9999 price on it but that seem rediculous to me.

here are my questions for you fine Forester friends:

1) what do you think this 98 Forester should be priced at?

2) I keep reading about head gasket issues. the car will run thru the shop tomorrow morning and the dealer has said he will replace head gasket if any issues. should i be worried either way about this?

3) is there anything else I should be worried about buying an 12 year old car with only 41,000 miles?

It is kind of hard to only be going to a 98 from a 97 but if i could get it for around $4000-$5000 it would be perfect for my budget and the milage would give me peace of mind.

Thanks ahead of time for any of your thoughts and time!

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Welcome to the forum from another Oregonian! :biggrin:

Good luck on your Forester search! Post up a picture when you find one. :wink:

As to the '98 Forester that you're looking at. Make sure the timing belt has been changed, since it goes by years or 105K miles! It's difficult to set a price on vehicles when they get older, so you'll have to check what the going price on autotrader & the newspaper. Take into account the low miles, overall condition & the documented service history, which is a big plus! :wink:

I see the Forester isn't being sold by a Subaru deaership, so they may not know what the going price is, or they figure they can get more for that vehicle. I also see the going price for an '98 is around $5-8K, but I also see the almost all of them have 100K miles or more. :smile:

Here's a thread you might want to check out.


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Bienvenido from the Mission.

Tuff call on the the Foz you're looking at. You never know how the car might begin to act once you implement your driving style. If I paid anywhere near that price (which I wouldn't), I'd be going over everything with a magnifying glass, getting underneath, driving, listening to engine, checking around manifold and headers after, engine bay, boots, coils, struts, interior, etc.

Unless the car is mint/classic, I have an aversion to paying the asking price, especially in today's market. Like I said, tuff call. But then again, it won't matter if you fall in love with it.
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