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Low Fuel Indicator & Headrests

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Hi all,

First time poster (and Subaru owner), be gentle. A couple of quick questions about the 09 Forester:

1) I've noticed that there is no audible chime when the Low Fuel Indicator Light comes on. Is this normal on this car or do I have a malfunction? If normal, is it possible to have a chime added somehow?

2) The headrests seem too tilted. Is the tilt angle adjustable somehow? If not, are there alternative headrests that are more comfortable?

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There is no low fuel chime on my 09. Can't find any reference to one in the owner's manual. But that low fuel light sure gets my attention! As for the headrests, when I drove off the dealer's lot w/my subie I had the same complaint. Problem solved by raising the headrest up. Instructions on pp 1-5 of the manual. Good luck
09 2.5X AT
No alarm

Not adjustable, I believe they can be swapped(or I believe I remember seeing a member post about doing it) with the rear head rest. As long as they are still set to support your head in a crash.
Raise the headrest up, or lean your seat back one click. Usually the people who have issues with the headrests sit very very upright.

And there's no chime, but when the light comes on, you still have a fair amount of driving time left, like at least 30 miles, so you'd think you would notice a light right in front of you on the gauges after it's been on a while. :icon_wink:
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