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Lost my timing belt - bent all my valves.

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I lost my timing belt going down the freeway. I bent all but two intake valves. The exhaust valves all left kiss marks on all 4 pistons. None of the intake valves marked the pistons, but all bit 2 intake valves are bent. I'm guessing by how shallow the marks are that the pistons should be fine right? I know the bottom end could be a concern, but it doesn't look like it hit too hard. What do you guys think? The cylinder walls look perfect. The bottom end and pistons feel smooth when rotating the crank.

So, if the pistons and bottom end are good then I will have the heads rebuilt. Other than the bent valves the heads show no damage or cracks that I can see. What set of valves do you recommend? Aftermarket or OEM? Will I need anything else for the heads? Sounds like most guys reuse the seats and just lap the new valves in? Can any machine shop rebuild the head or should I look for a independant subaru shop or performance shop to do the work? I have used a guy locally for a couple things and he has done good. He is an old guy and has been around forever. He resurfaced these heads when I did gaskets 50k ago. Car is a 2003 forester 2.5 N/A with 150,000 miles. Here come the pics.


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One way is to ask a local Subaru dealer who they use for their head work. Probably the guy you went to will do the job fine. I doubt any issues with the bottom end or heads. Most just use OEM valves as they aren't that expensive. Not sure what aftermarket options are available.

Did you not do the timing belt job when you did the HGs? Or did you use a Gates kit unknowing they are Chinese crap parts now?
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