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Hi all, first post here, I was wondering how various brands of shocks and springs compare.
My first choice is a set of kyb excel g shocks and king lowering springs. They say that they will most certainly will be stiffer than stock.
My second option is a set of Sports Ryder lowering springs and SenSen struts.
My question arises from the spring rates of the sports ryders - from the info on their site, the front spring rate is 2.6kg/mm (145.6lb/in) and 2.8kg/mm (156mm/in) in the rear. I scoured the forms to find the stock spring rates of the 98 forester and someone said they're 148lb/in in the front and 140lb/in in the rear.
The king springs would be around 185lb in the front and 175lb in the rear.

So my question is, how much stiffer would the sports Ryder be than stock (I'm unsure if a shorter spring means it's stiffer in general)
And second, is it worthwhile to skip the sports ryder/sensen combo and go straight for the king/kyb combo?
Granted, my forester has 330k miles and the shocks probably haven't ever been changed, so I'm sure either one would be stiffer than what I currently have, but my goal is to be lower and stiffer than a stock 98 forester. I already have front and rear swaybars and endlinks, which I love.
Thanks in advance, hope you all are having a great day!
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