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Looking to borrow a set of XT OEM 18' wheels & Tires

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Hey guys,
I think I'm in the beginnings of having transmission trouble and I'm riding on aftermarket wheels and tires. I guess I shouldn't have sold my OEM set with this tranny being so quirky. Anyway I wanna bring it in to have it looked at but don't want to deal with the hassle of having them tell me my wheels and tires caused the problem.

If anyone in the tri-state area has a set of mounted OEM 18's that I could borrow for a week or two, i'd appreciate it. Of course I can pay a fee if necessary.

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Yeah I hear that except when I brought the car in a few months ago to have them address some laggy shifting I was complaining about ( I wasn't used the CVT), they went out of there way to say, "Well it could be the wheels and tires"...and proceeded to put it on my invoice that I had aftermarket wheels and tires. So i'm a bit apprehensive to say the least. (Staten Island, NY) btw.

17x8 wheels @35 offset so def. nothing crazy and only around 3lbs heavier per wheel.

All dealerships not built the same.
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