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Looking for SJ Tie Rod Recommendation

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Hi y’all, I am looking to replace my FXT tie rods this Spring and I would like your recommendation on a replacement part that has lubrication valve fittings or if it is at all worth it. TIA
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Fortunately there are not too many choices to get bogged down with. Aside from OEM you are looking at offerings from: Moog, Mevotech, AC Delco, and maybe one or two others. If I have a choice I always go with Moog for steering, suspension, and chassis parts. That said, I have also used quite a few Mevotech parts over the years with good results, and Delco has been around forever. So you really can't go wrong with any of them. Just stay away from the "economy" offerings. As far as grease fittings go, sometimes they have them and sometimes not. While nice to have they are not a necessity. The factory units are sealed and they last quite a long time.
I only see that the AC Delco one had the grease zerk.

But all are around $20-$25 USD a piece. I would go with Moog or AC Delco (have Moog on my car now)
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