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This being my first post I want to introduce myself. My wife and I bought our first Forester 2010 X Prem AT. Been trolling since researching Foresters before we bought ours early Feb. So far we like the car (wifes car mostly).

We bought it at Briggs Subaru in Lawrance, KS mostly because the salesperson negotiated price and even my trade in over the phone before I got there. Then all I had to do was pick the one I wanted and paperwork.

Long story short, the dealer is about 30 miles away from KC (good experience with them though). We are hoping the only thing we'll have to do for a while is oil changes but when the time comes would like some recommendations on where to take it for plugs, diff/tranny fluid changes, etc. I've done some of my own work on other cars (brakes, oil changes, etc) but am not going to do much more than oil change on this car.

There are a couple in surrounding areas but hoping to get recommendations from folks on here.

thanks in advance,

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