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I'm located in Boston, MA and I'm ideally looking for an 07/08 sports trim. I want the miles to be under 130k and I'm not sure what I'm willing to pay, since I can't get a good read on what they are selling for.

Any thought or tips on this search would be greatly appreciated.


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I look in Craislist, and hop to different cities close and far, other states -see links below

I found my current 2007 in, and flew from CA to OR to buy it, private party, 1,000 miles away. Smooth transaction.

No one sells them here in the Pac NW, ALL have 200K miles, or are trashed.

I'm looking at either repairing or selling mine, 07 premium package (heated seats, power seats, 6 cd play, large moon roof) UNDER 70K miles, only 30 k miles in last 6 years…but it has minor dings and fender scratches, doffs toenails, and a small door crunch on RR door. A private buyer was talking $4K.. we are still negotiating.

Mine is starting the Head gasket seep/leak issue, and I wanted to sell as it is now officially 9 years old. But it isn't leaking any oil, no problems, no over heating issues, nuthin…It's been reliable and I wanted to keep it 5 more years but family is pushing me to get a new car with new techy features etc etc

2002 Suabru WRX Sedan 2002 WRX sedan $8500- new engine 143K miles

2002 Subaru Forester L 2002 $4800 141K miles <<< I had this exact same model-with moon roof, loved it, new was $23K in 2002.

these are the ONLY Subaru's showing up for sale in months!

Being in CA is too far for you look for a car, but I'm learning in this Forum is that repairing the HG as needed allows for years more reliable driving. SO I am still considering that option. over 30K for a new car.

good luck
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