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...and they go out of their way in the beginning to actually convince you that you don't want an animal... most of them even make you wait a week to come back and pick up the...
Sounds like the Humane Society of Sonoma County.

List of things wrong with my cat:

1. He attacks dogs and beats up other cats (3rd time return for this)
2. He dances on your chest, and runs like a mad cat at midnight
3. He is allergic to the sun
4. He drools like no other - all over you when you pet him
5. He's a picky eater

That's what they were telling me trying to convince me not to take this cat home. I think they really loved this cat, and didn't want him to leave the shelter...

1. Pumpkin LOVES his brofur (Cody, our dobie/hound mix) - rubs up against him (when Cody will tolerate it) and generally doesn't attack unless provoked.
2. He's NEVER run around like a mad cat or woken us up (except when we decided to bring a gopher in and start gnawing on it at 3 am, under the bed)
3. He's an indoor/outdoor kitty - never has any problems with the sun that we can tell - very happy laying in the sun for a couple hours at a time
4. He does drool - when you pet him enough and he starts purring loud enough you can hear him in the next room
5. Picky enough that he is a Mitsubishi cat - EVO is the only kibble he'll eat, but he enjoys a good can of tuna, and definitely enjoys mice, gophers, moles, the occasional lizard, and the even more rare bird.
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