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Hello - new to this site and new to Subaru. My wife recently got has an older outback and she loves it. I’m looking to trade in my old Ford Expedition 2wd for a 2014 Subaru Forester premium with the manual 6 speed and 111k miles.

Was wondering on the general consensus for a Subaru with that kind of mileage. I know it depends on the driver - but is it reasonable to expect a life span of 250k+ with proper maintenance and driving habits? I tend to keep my vehicles to the 250k territory but never had a Subaru before.

I also understand the 6 speed manuals hold up better than the 5 speeds. I also understand that the 2012-2014 or 15 tend to consume oil and may need a topping off between oil changes. Is there any concerns to the lifespan of the motor that burns or loses like that? Aany thought or comments on the forester and manual transmissions (clutch life etc) would be much appreciated.

Ps - we’re back in the Northeast where my 2wd Expy isn’t the most ideal vehicle in the winter

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